Value Pricing: the practice of setting the price based on the value of the service to the client 

Due to improved efficiencies and the inherent problems of hourly billing, I have implemented value billing for my clients. The packages and a la carte services allow me to enhance the advisor relationship with you. Each package tailored to your needs and desired outcome. Contact me today and let's put together your package.

Consider these additional benefits when choosing your regular services with Hourglass Resources:

Training – as part of the initial conversion and setup, include time for training the client in QuickBooks and bookkeeping procedures.

Support – different levels of support for the client to choose which level meets their needs such as email or phone support with a guaranteed response time. The quicker the response time, the higher the fee charged.

QuickBooks Software– should the client not need access to the QB file, Hourglass Resources will maintain the file and use the most up-to-date software on its own server. The client won't have to worry about upgrading their software each year.

A la carte services  such as budgeting, cash flow forecasting, marketing and advertising campaigns can be incorporated into customized bundles of services to meet the needs of my clients.

As each client is unique as an individual, so are the needs of their businesses. At this time, I'm meeting with my clients for their feedback on the new fee structure and taking their advice on what are reasonable rates for the proposed packages. Once we have concluded our research, the fees will appear on this page. Until then, contact me for a personalized quote.

A La Carte Fees

Strategic Planning  

QuickBooks Training

Marketing & Advertising Budgeting

Reports from QuickBooks


Bookkeeping Packages



for customized pricing.




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Bookkeepers and accountants are moving away from hourly billing due to one primary problem: hourly billing essentially puts a wall between us and our clients. Consider a these key issues:
• Rather than turn to us, clients may try to figure it out themselves because they are worried about how much we will charge them. This isn’t right! We don’t want our clients reluctant or afraid to call us.

• Clients are concerned with keeping fees down, so they are reluctant to ask for additional services, such as budgeting, cash flow and forecasting – areas in which we could really help.

• We are not selling our time. Whether it is monthly bookkeeping, payroll, taxes or something else, we are selling our knowledge, skills and experience to get the job done for the client. Every year, we have more experience and expertise – which, of course, is extremely valuable. Every year, with advancements in software and digital data delivery, it takes less time to complete the tasks but the same amount of expertise to interpret the data and use it to earn more profits.

With value billing, we charge our client a fixed fee based on the value of the services provided. Accountants and bookkeepers can operate more efficiently using technology like QuickBooks. For example, we can set up bank and credit card accounts to automatically download transactions every night. Combined with rules we can create, we can automate the majority of the data entry.

As a result, instead of spending 10 hours per month to get the work completed, it may now only take 2-3 hours per month. Plus, Cloud services such as DropBox helps us save even more time and improve efficiency because we no longer waste time sending data files back and forth. Should we earn less money when we're still providing the same end result for the client?