Don't file your 2016 income taxes without contacting me first.

Personal, Business & Rental Income Tax Returns

Most income tax returns are ready for signing within 2 business days. With Efile, you can have your refund directly deposited wihin 14 days.


I accurately prepare your return and explain it to you. I make sure to claim all the deductions, credits and benefits to which you are entitled. I remit your income taxes in a timely manner; saving you late fees, penalties and interest.


I handle ALL CRA formal audits and requests. I talk to them for you. I provide the papers they want, usually without you ever having to lift a finger. And it's free of charge. Year-round support is included in all income tax packages.  

Most refunds within 14 days!

Included at no extra charge:

  • Year-Round access to tax professional
  • Meet face-to-face to have your return completed
  • Drop off slips and pick up returns after hours or Saturdays
  • Email support
  • Audit Assistance - We will assist you if you are ever audited
  • T1 Adjustments for current clients
  • Thank you gift - a pen or notepad or flashlight

2017 Income Tax Price List

20 Most Overlooked Deductions & Credits


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